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Thinking of Buying?

I understand the relationship between homebuyers and Agents must be based on trust.  I realize that when you entrust me to help you find your next home, you are also trusting me with one of your biggest investments.  When I am working with buyers I put myself in their shoes always remembering that this is someone's home we are looking for it's not just boards, stone & tiles, it's the place they come home from work to, the place they entertain their friends and family, the place they sleep...it's where they live.  This is why I work tirelessly to find buyers the right home, in the right neighbourhood, leaving no stone unturned to find your dream home.

In my business plan buyers are of equal importance to me as sellers, when you are working with me I hands on handle every detail of your buying transaction.  I don't rely on unlicenced assistants to book showing appointments, I do it myself in hopes that I will uncover more details about the home or property. I know the local market and follow it daily to stay up to date on new listings.  If you are a first time buyer I am very happy to walk you step by step thru the enitre process, I understand buying your first home can seem nerve racking, but with the right guidence it doen't have to be. 

My Additional Skills To Help You Buy

In addition to being a professionally trained and edcuated Realtor, I am also an BCIT educated Interior Designer.  How does this help you when buying a  home? I can help you uncover hidden potential and see beyond what the property looks like today.  I can also spot Home Staging tricks used to makes rooms appear larger than they are, suttle differences the untrained eye may miss.  If you are buying a fixer upper I am happy to make suggestions that may help you. 

I am a professionally trained negotiator, this is something I was trained in a prior career.  Being able to properly negoitate is one of my most valued skills, this is something that really comes into play when I am helping buyers.  When it's time to crunch the numbers I am armed and ready to get you the best price on your next property on terms set out by you.

With 6 years experience I helped many people find exactly what they were looking for in a home, I've had the privedge of gaining the trust of their friends through referrals.  I pride myself on how happy my past clients still are in their homes. 

Let's Get Started!

If you take the time to fill out the survey below I can get started on helping you purchase your next property.  If you prefer to call me simply dial (604) 888-7424. Congratulations on your decision to purchase your first or next property.  I look forward to helping you from start to finish when I present you with the keys to your new home.



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